Learn how to build a brand, create a digital presence, and better position your organization.

After over 10 years of business at verynice, we are making every methodology we've used with hundreds of clients available for free. With 9 toolkits in total, our downloadable curriculum and accompanying video walkthroughs help you learn how to get stuff done on your own.


build a brand

People come to your organization for its product or service, but stay for the brand. Set yourself apart and communicate your value to your stakeholders

Featuring toolkits for: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Storytelling, Mission Statements, & more.


create a digital presence

How people find you is equally as important as what they find. Create a digital presence so that you can make sure your audience can get to you in the first place.

Featuring toolkits for: Information Architecture, User Experience, Interface Design, & more.


better position your organization

The only constant is change. Take a more active role in creating change within your organization and responding to changes around your organization.

Featuring toolkits for: Value Proposition, Competitive Analysis, Collaboration, Strategic Planning, & more.

Give All’s consulting sessions and materials encouraged Open Source Ag to define and detail a deep path forward that supports meaningful contributions and relationships with our partners and participants.
— Kelly Cooper, Founder of Open Source Ag

Want a consultant to guide you through this?

We get it. It's hard to do this stuff on your own. Our award-winning team of consultants are here to help. We've helped over 600 organizations reach millions of people, and raise millions of dollars. Further, we've created tools that are trusted by over 6,000 practitioners and executives, so you're in the best hands possible. For $300.00 USD, this download will get you immediate access to all of our tools as well as a custom-tailored 90-minute session with one of our experts. Feel free to invite as many people to the session as you'd like. Just checkout, and a member of our team will reach out to help you book a session to get you where you need to be.

Having a conversation with Matthew was the combination of strategic and creative ideas colliding with the feeling of talking with a close friend. The 90-minute consulting session was an excellent opportunity for exploring models and possibilities freshly and amicably. Our team has now new insights and a flexible path to work our brand strategy.
— Yanira Matienzo Cáceres, Disruptive Option

Meet Matthew, the Creative Director of Give All


Matthew Manos is an award-winning design strategist, social entrepreneur, and educator. Matthew is the Founder and Managing Director of verynice, a design strategy consultancy that gives half of its work away for free to nonprofit organizations. Launched in 2008, verynice is known across the globe for being one of the first social enterprises in the design industry. verynice’s clientele includes Google, UNICEF, NASA, and the American Heart Association. To date, verynice has provided access to over $10MM USD worth of services and resources to benefit over 6,000 organizations, practitioners, and students across the globe. Called “crazy or genius” by Forbes Magazine, and named one of seven millennials changing the world by The Huffington Post, Matthew’s pioneering work in the field of social enterprise has inspired thousands of practitioners to engage in socially and environmentally responsible business. Matthew speaks at institutions across the globe, and his work and ideas have also been featured in Entrepreneur, GOOD, Maxim, Inc, Fast Company, Wired, and Business Insider.

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